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The excursion

Πήγαινε κάτω

The excursion

Δημοσίευση από marilou Την / Το Παρ Οκτ 14, 2011 12:06 am

Έφτασε επιτέλους η ώρα να το δημοσιεύσω!!! lol!

Είναι το πρώτο μου και μοναδικό fic και ελπίζω να σας αρέσει! :)

Συγχωρήστε με για τα Αγγλικά μου αλλά το είχα γράψει πριν πολλά χρόνια που δεν υπήρχαν ακόμα Ελληνικά forum για την Κάντυ... Woops!!!

Καλή διασκέδαση!

Flowers Flowers Flowers

Αριθμός μηνυμάτων : 1781
Points : 5045
Ημερομηνία εγγραφής : 23/06/2011
Ηλικία : 28
Τόπος : Κάπου μακριά, τερρικά κι ονειρεμένα!
Χιούμορ : Καυστικό τζιιιιζζζζ!!!

Επιστροφή στην κορυφή Πήγαινε κάτω

Απ: The excursion

Δημοσίευση από marilou Την / Το Παρ Οκτ 14, 2011 12:08 am

Do you remember the May Festival? I know you do…
So you must still remember what Candy had asked Terry just before they started dancing… “To go on an excursion together…” What you do not know is that this excursion really took place in Scotland but I think that Mizuki didn’t really want this to come out… Enjoy!

Part 1

It was a shining morning… The birds were singing and Candy was listening to their song, when sitting on a tree… However, her mind was always somewhere else…

“Candy! Candy! Where are you?”

“It is Annie” Candy thought. “But why is she looking for me?”

“Candy I know you are here. Please answer” Annie went on.

“What’s wrong Annie?” Candy replied while jumping off the tree.

“At last I found you!” Annie said panting. “Well, the others decided to go swimming. I’ll go with them too. Will you join us?”

“I’m sorry but…” Candy was trying to escape.

“Come on Candy!”

“Please Annie I don’t feel very well…”

“Well I didn’t know that people who don’t feel well can climb up trees!...” Annie teased her.

“Oh Annie can’t you understand me? I just want…”

“To see Terry!” Annie interrupted her smiling. She knew Candy very well…


“Well if you don’t want to come I can’t force you to. But if you change your mind we will wait for you.” Annie said leaving and letting Candy in deep thoughts again.

“She left… They will go swimming… But what can I do?” Candy whispered, when suddenly an idea interrupted her thoughts. “Well, I’ll spend my time in a better way!” she said and started acting like an acrobat!
She was jumping from tree to tree, when suddenly she lost her balance and fell abruptly down!

“Ouch!” Candy cried out. “What a pain!” She went on when she suddenly heard somebody laughing.

“Terry?!” Candy said looking questioningly.

“Hahahahah!!!” Terry couldn’t stop laughing “Hahahahah!!!”

“What’s so funny?” Candy asked angrily.

“Nothing, it is just that… I didn’t know that monkeys can have accidents like this!” He chuckled her going on laughing.

“I wonder when you’ll stop teasing me…” Candy said seriously.

“Come on freckles, don’t get angry…” Terry answered giving her a hand.

“You know I am not a paralytic. I don’t need any help.” Candy said trying to seem strong.

“Fine!” Terry answered. “Let me see how perfectly you can walk!” He kept on and let her walk.

However, Candy couldn’t walk properly. As a result, she felt over a stone and lost her balance. When Terry saw it, he hurried and grabbed her into his arms in order to prevent her falling.

“I thought you were a paralytic, not blind as well!” he teased her.

Candy glared at him. “Well you win”, she said a bit angrily.

Terry lifted her up in his arms. She was so close to him that she could easily smell his fragrance while he placed her down a tree.

“Now will you give me a kiss as a reward?” he teased her again.

“As many as you want” Candy thought and blushed.

Terry noticed it and felt that it was the right time to make his proposal…

“Well…” he started in a mocking tone “I thought of going on an excursion tomorrow…”

“What for?” Candy asked curiously

“To visit some of your relatives!” Terry said laughing.

“Oh you! Will you ever stop making fan of me??” she shouted angrily.

“…and I wondered…” Terry continued slightly blushing “…if you would like to come with me.”

“With you? To the country?” Candy asked him surprised.

“Y…y…yes” Terry answered hesitantly for fear that Candy wouldn’t like his idea.

However, Candy rose up and started clapping happily!

“Great!” she said walking on air.

“Candy?! Are you alright? You can walk?”

“I just feel a bit better! That’s all” she answered trying to keep back her happiness, but to no end.

“Hmmm… Strange…” Terry said smiling disbelievingly.

“What do you mean?” Candy asked angrily.

“It seems that the thought of you alone with me in the country really cheered you up…” he said in a mocking tone while could not hide his smile.


“No you are right… if it was so, you wouldn’t have slapped me a few days before…”

“Of course I would!’ Candy replied without thinking.

“So you do can’t wait to be alone with me freckles!”

“I did NOT say that!!! In fact it was you who made the proposal so you want to be alone with me!!!” Candy said angrily without realizing that these words were coming out from her mouth.

Terry didn’t really feel uncomfortable but he was quiet surprised by her words. Was she responding to his flirt? Or had she forgotten that she was actually the one who proposed it back in the May festival? It really did not matter. They both deeply knew that they weren’t just friends.

“So you caught me freckles” he decided to say smiling while he was rising up. “Is it ok for you tomorrow at 10 o’clock?”

“O…ok” Candy replied a little lost.

“See you then my freckles” he added leaving.

“My freckles!” Candy thought. “It is the first time he’s calling me HIS freckles… Oh, why should he leave so soon? I can’t wait for tomorrow…to be alone with him!” she whispered smiling!

That smile was still on her face when she suddenly heard Annie’s voice.

“Candy, who were you talking to?”

But Annie was not alone. All her friends were there looking at her surprised.

“I… I… But what are you doing guys here…? I thought that you…”

“We were about to go swimming but we didn’t want to leave you alone” Patty replied.

“Yes” Stear added mischievously “Especially If you weren’t feeling very well, as Annie told us… But let me see… You are more than fine! You even have that kind of smile… Hmmm Patty how can you call that kind of smile?”

Patty smiled blushing.

“You see” Stear continued the same way “that is the smile I am talking about!”

“You mean the <> smile?” Archie asked in a teasing tone.

“Ooooh! Will you ever stop it?!” Candy said trying to seem angry while she was ready to burst out laughing by all this conversation.

“Do you call this anger?” Stear asked laughing but before she could say anything he continued “So let’s go back to Annie’s question… Who were you talking to, you little suspicious girl?”

“I was talking to Klin, OK??” Candy replied feeling a little uncomfortable.

“But Klin was with us!” Stear continued while everybody was laughing loud.
“And as far as I can remember I haven’t discovered a portable phone yet…”

“But you should have!” Candy answered smiling “And I think that the world will be grateful to you for this one day! Now I’m going to my room to rest for a while. See you guys!” she said leaving everybody speechless.

“How did she manage to escape again?!” Archie asked surprised and they all burst out laughing!


When Candy arrived to her room, she breathed a sigh of relief, “I escaped” she whispered, “But they must have understand everything! It doesn’t matter…” she went on and started reflecting upon the excursion.

“Oh, I’m so happy! Tomorrow we will be together almost for all day long!” she said while laughing in front of her mirror trying to find how she looks more beautiful.

“Well… probably, he will try to kiss me again! But this time, I’m not going to slap him! This time… I… I… I don’t know! I don’t think I’m ready… But I also cannot stop thinking about our first kiss… What should I do?” she wondered hopelessly. “Hmm… I found it!” Candy said and started acting.

“First of all, I’ll tell him: "You know Terry, although I regret slapping you, I don’t think that I am ready for this kiss…" and he will answer : "I know Candy, you need time", at that moment I’ll tell him : "I… I love you Terry" and then he will reply…”

“CANDY!!! The dinner is ready!!!” Patty’s voice interrupted her thoughts.

“Well…” Candy said “…I don’t think he will answer like this… But I do believe he is able for everything!” she murmured smiling and went to the dining room feeling a little silly for acting like a kid.


Almost an hour had passed and the dinner had finished, but Candy hadn’t eaten anything. At first, she was singing slightly, then her look was travelling far away, while crossing the hall.

“Candy?” Annie asked her, trying to make her come back to reality.

“Y… Yes?”

“What are you doing?” Annie went on looking at her questioningly.

“I want to go in our room.” Candy answered, trying to open a door.

“But it is not our room!” Annie interrupted her.

When Candy heard it, she looked surprised around her and discovered her mistake. “Oh! You are right!” she said laughing.

“Really Annie…” she continued, opening the door of the correct room, “Will you please wake me up tomorrow at 8 o’clock?”

“Ok, but…why? I mean, do you want to go anywhere?” Annie asked curiously.

“Y…Yes.” Candy answered having a shy smile.


“Annie…” Candy whispered. “It’s so strange, but I… I can’t believe that I’m so happy. I’m afraid of this unexpected happiness…”

“Candy…” Annie was very happy for her friend. “I understand but you have to sleep now, because tomorrow you’ll be too tired, ok?”

“Yes, Annie” Candy responded and went to sleep.

When she seated on the bed, she felt a strange feeling to overwhelm her and that made her want to shout: “I’m happy! I’m happy!” . However, she had to stay silent due to the rules of the school!

At the same time, Terry was trying to sleep too but his heart was jumping in his chest! The night seemed to be long and he couldn’t stop thinking of the conversation they had some hours ago… She was different than usually, but why?

“This girl is going to drive me crazy” he whispered smiling and fell asleep…


The sun was shining above their happy faces, while they were running in the forest.

“Oh Candy… stop running! I can’t keep up with you!” Terry said panting.

“If you want to keep up with me you have to catch me first!” Candy answered going on running.

“Don’t challenge me freckles.” Terry said, running faster.

“Why…? What can you do?” Candy went on.

“Many things” Terry said, when he caught her.

“Like what?”

“Like this.” He answered and his lips approached hers…

But suddenly ……

“Candy! Candy! Wake up! It is 9 o’clock!” Annie interrupted her dream.

“Oh, Annie!! Not now! I was having such a beautiful dream!” Candy complained.

“Come on Candy! You’ll be late!”

“You’re right” Candy said rising up and looking at the clock. “9 o’clock? It’s too late!! I had told you to wake me up at 8 o’clock!”

“Sorry, but I forgot it while watching you speaking…”


“Yes!” Annie answered. “You were speaking in your sleep…”

“And you were hearing me?”

“Of course! Such a nice dream, right?” Annie teased her.

“So, you understood the dream I had…” Candy was quite embarrassed.

“Yes!” Annie replied smiling.

“So, why did you wake me up?!?”

“Because, then I saw what time it was!” Annie responded.

“Well… I’ll forgive you then!” Candy laughed looking for something to wear.

With Annie’s help it didn’t take much time for Candy to get ready and leave for Terry’s place… At last, the time she was so much waiting had come… She was so nervous and happy at the same time… What may that excursion bring for her…?


Αριθμός μηνυμάτων : 1781
Points : 5045
Ημερομηνία εγγραφής : 23/06/2011
Ηλικία : 28
Τόπος : Κάπου μακριά, τερρικά κι ονειρεμένα!
Χιούμορ : Καυστικό τζιιιιζζζζ!!!

Επιστροφή στην κορυφή Πήγαινε κάτω

Απ: The excursion

Δημοσίευση από marilou Την / Το Σαβ Οκτ 29, 2011 2:44 pm

Part 2

Candy hurried out of the college and towards the yard of Terry’s house, where he was waiting for her.

“Come on freckles, what kept you so long?” Terry asked her when he saw her arriving.

“It took me sometime to find what clothes to wear and…”

“You should have come without your clothes then!…” Terry interrupted her, smiling mischievously.


“Oh, come on! I’ve seen you like this before…” He continued same way enjoying every grimace on her face.

“You… what?!” Candy recalled the May festival when he saw her changing. “You said you weren’t watching!”

“Did I?” Terry was ready to burst out laughing watching her reactions.

“Oh you!”

“Come on freckles! Do not be shy of me. Besides, when we get married I’m going to see you like that all the time!”

Candy didn’t know what to say! What was that? A strange way to propose to somebody?! His teasing had no limits! He was enjoying making her angry but this time she decided to stay calm…

“When we will get married I will have to argue with you all the time.” She replied.

“You sure will.” Terry smiled at her and went to cut a flower from his garden.

“What do you want this for?” She asked him curiously.

“For my future wife of course!” He replied handing out the flower for her.

Candy couldn’t help herself from blushing.

“Thank y…”

“Theodore!” Terry interrupted her, calling his horse’s name.

“Theodore…?” Candy said questioningly, when suddenly she saw Terry’s horse coming.
“Good girl!” Terry said and caressed his horse.

“Terry… I’d prefer us not to go by…”

“Do not tell me that you still are afraid of horses!” Terry said surprised. “Come on freckles! Don’t you trust me?”

“Well, I do… but…”

“Come on! The last time was not that bad! Besides, you had a really handsome, young man taking care of you…” he said in a teasing tone making her laugh.

“Ok, ok! You persuaded me!” Candy replied smiling and jumped on the horse’s back. So did Terry.

“So, we are off” he whispered in her ear, while reaching out for the reins.
“Let’s go Theodore!” he shouted and Theodore started running.

Candy was still feeling a little anxious but she was not afraid. When she was with Terry she always felt secure…

While Theodore was running Candy was holding him tight while looking around happily. All these smells of the forest, all these colors around them and the fact that they had the one another was all that they both needed.
Where would all this lead? They really did not know but they’d love to discover…

Terry couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He was enjoying a lot the fact that she was holding him like that. He could feel a change between them… A change in both of them…

They stayed lost in their thoughts for a while, until Theodore stopped running and Terry’s voice broke the silence.

“Well, here we are! It is always a marvelous place.” he said, jumping off the horse and trying to help her get off too.

Candy hadn’t even noticed the place when she hugged Terry’s shoulders so that she could jump off. Terry took gently hold of her, while she was slipping in his arms.

Candy’s feet finally touched the ground, but then she realized that her face was so close to Terry’s that his warm breath was caressing her lips.

“Oh my God! What happened and he is so close?” she wondered nervously, while she was looking right into his big blue eyes.

Terry wanted to approach her more, but when he tried to, Candy stopped him…

“Well… Thank you!...” She finally said pulling him softly back and walking away. “Oh my God! You were right! It’s a really marvelous place!” She went on looking stunned around.

Yes, Candy and Terry were in an indescribably beautiful place that seemed to be an earthy paradise!
They were both surrounded by countless flowers, some tall trees and the sounds of true nature.
In front of them there was a small waterfall, whose water was falling slowly to a quite big lake, making a crystalline sound.
In the background, you could see a big wood which was reflected on the lake’s clean water, making the atmosphere have a mysterious tone! This wood was really overgrown with tall trees whose thick foliages and big trunks were surrounded by a thin veil of fog.
The whole landscape seemed like magic!

“You like it?” Terry asked her when he tied Theodore’s reins to a tree’s trunk.

“It is… it is… Oh, I cannot describe it!” Candy said ecstatic looking with admiration.

“It’s a perfect place for young couples!” Terry smiled walking towards her.

“Precisely!” Candy said heedlessly.

Terry raised an eyebrow.

“I mean not necessarily for a couple, but for friends or relatives as well.” Candy tried to correct her mistake.

“Hmmm…”Terry smiled disbelievingly.

“What’s this strange smile for?” Candy asked suspiciously when she noticed Terry’s expression.

“When you have this suspicious look, you look really beautiful!...” Terry tried to escape, staring at her.

“Really?” Candy asked flattered, with a sweet smile.

“Yes! Although your freckles become brighter!” Terry smiled waiting to see her reaction.

Candy breathed deeply. “I’ll pretend not to have heard this!...” She said annoyingly while glaring at him.

“The truth always hurts!” Terry went on smiling.

“You are asking for it!” Candy shouted with an angry, but also funny look.

“Hey freckles, don’t look at me like this, because you don’t know what I can do when I’m angry!” Terry said smiling threateningly.

“I’m not afraid of you! You can do nothing to me!”

“Sure! I am really fond of gorillas!” Terry chuckled her bursting into laughter!

“What??? How you dare?!”

“However…” Terry went on. “…there is something I can do to you!”

“Really?! And what is this?”

“Something really unbearable!” Terry smiled and grabbed her arm so as Candy not to be able to run.


“Tickle!” He smiled and started tickling her as strong as he could!

“NO! NO! STOP! I CAN’T! STOP!” Candy was screaming while laughing to her heart’s content! However, Terry didn’t stop! He went on tickling her in the same “unbearable” way!

“PLEASE TERRY STOP! I’LL DIE!” Candy was laughing out loud while trying to pull him back.

“Hey freckles! I didn’t know that you can be tickled that easily!” Terry laughed and kept on tickling her stronger and stronger!


“Well, I’ll think if I should let you…” said Terry but without stopping.

“DON’T! DON’T!!!” Candy went on laughing loudly, and pulling him as strong as she could, but without being able to escape from his strong arms.

“So, you don’t want me to let you!”

“NO! I DO!!!”

“Once you say you don’t, after that you say you do! Come to a decision at last!” Terry was teasing her without stopping the tickling.

“I DO!”

“Are you sure?” Terry asked her and started tickling her belly.


“Well, I knew that women are strange but you really don’t know what you want!” Terry chuckled her bursting into laughter.


Terry didn’t wait such an answer, so he stopped tickling and holding her. What was that? A joke? No he did not want their kiss to be this way. But he really had not time to think or to react…

Candy stood some seconds in front of him and then she started running, while calling: "I cheated you! I cheated you!!!"

“That little Tarzan!” he thought.

“You dared cheat me freckles, huh? Now you’ll see!” Terry smiled and started running behind her as fast as he could.

“You can’t catch me!” Candy shouted to him smiling and running in between trees.

“You think so!” Terry said while approaching her more and more.

When Candy understood it, she turned her head back to see how close to her he was. That prevent her from noticing the big muddy hole in front of her! When Terry saw that Candy hadn’t seen it, he tried to stop her.

“Candy! STAY WHERE YOU ARE!” He cried out loudly.

“Oh yes?... And what if I don’t?” Candy asked going on looking behind her.

“You’ll f…”


Yes! Candy had fallen in the muddy hole on her stomach…

And of course Terry had killed himself with laughter!

“HAHAHAH!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!... I wish I could take you a picture!!! HAHAHAH!” Terry couldn’t help himself, while Candy’s face was covered in mud..

“Why on earth didn’t you warm me about THIS?!” Candy shouted angrily.

“I tried freckles!” Terry answered smiling. “Look at the other hand… You’ll have a new nickname!”

“Check your next words!” Candy shouted threateningly while trying to clean her face.

“From now on I won’t call you, freckled Tarzan!”


“I’ll call you muddy freckled Tarzan!” Terry kept on and burst into laughter again.

“Oh no! I can’t believe you’ll do it…” Candy complained looking miserably at her dress.

“Why not Muddy freckled Tarzan?” Terry smiled approaching her.

“Oh Gosh! Is it so difficult to be serious one time in your life?! Look at me!!!”
Candy was looking at him angrily.

“I am looking at you, that is why I cannot be serious! If I only had a mirror…”

“That’s the limit!” Candy thought.

“Ok enough with the laughter” she said. “Will you please help me now?” she asked handing out her hand.

“Alright, my dear muddy freckled Tarzan!” Terry smiled and gave her a hand in order to help her.

But when Candy caught his hand, she pulled it hard and...


...caused him to fall in the hole too!


Αριθμός μηνυμάτων : 1781
Points : 5045
Ημερομηνία εγγραφής : 23/06/2011
Ηλικία : 28
Τόπος : Κάπου μακριά, τερρικά κι ονειρεμένα!
Χιούμορ : Καυστικό τζιιιιζζζζ!!!

Επιστροφή στην κορυφή Πήγαινε κάτω

Απ: The excursion

Δημοσίευση από marilou Την / Το Σαβ Οκτ 29, 2011 2:46 pm

***Η εκδίκηση είναι ένα πιάτο που τρώγεται κρύο!!! lol! lol! lol!

Αριθμός μηνυμάτων : 1781
Points : 5045
Ημερομηνία εγγραφής : 23/06/2011
Ηλικία : 28
Τόπος : Κάπου μακριά, τερρικά κι ονειρεμένα!
Χιούμορ : Καυστικό τζιιιιζζζζ!!!

Επιστροφή στην κορυφή Πήγαινε κάτω

Απ: The excursion

Δημοσίευση από marilou Την / Το Σαβ Νοε 12, 2011 9:31 pm

Part 3

“HAHAHAH!!!...” Candy started laughing to her heart’s content! “From now on I’ll call you Mr. Muddy Monkey! HAHAHAHAH!”

“Are you OK?!” shouted Terry. “Why did you do this?”

“I had to settle old scores dear Muddy Monkey!”

“Alright! Enough! Can we be serious NOW?” Terry was quite surprised, but not angry.

“If I only had a mirror you would understand why I cannot be serious…” Candy went on playing with him.

“Ok… I should have known better…”

“You should!” She replied smiling, with a smile that made him forget everything.

Candy had always her way with him. Terry knew it very well. And now they were both in the same strange, muddy situation! And that was somehow fun!

“How can she look so charming even now…?” Terry was thinking.

“Why isn’t he talking? Is he mad at me? Well… he’s mud somehow!” Candy thought smiling.

“You seem to enjoy it freckles!” Terry interrupted her thoughts.

“Well… I cannot deny it!” She smiled while they were both rising up.

“I don’t know about you but I will go to the lake…” Terry smiled at her.

“I’m coming with you!” She answered following him.

Candy and Terry walked towards the lake with the pretty waterfall. Candy approached doubtfully the water. How could she wash all this mud off of her? Terry, on the other hand, didn’t really seem to be concerned by such thoughts. He just started taking off his clothes!

“TERRY?! What are you doing?” Candy screamed not looking at him.

“Come on freckles! It’s your first chance to see me naked!” Terry teased her.

“I hope you aren’t going to take off all your clothes!”

“I wouldn’t have to if some naughty girl hadn’t made me fall in that hole!”

“I did not do that to make you take off your clothes!” Candy hurried to reply.

“I did not say that! I hadn’t even thought of that… But YOU seem to have!” Terry kept on teasing her, while he was diving in the lake wearing only his underwear.

“What?! Of course not!” Candy started blushing. “Have I?” she asked herself.

“Come on Freckles!” his voice made her come back to the reality. “The water is great! Come in!”

“I haven’t lost my mind yet!” Candy answered trying to wash off the mud from her face.

“She isn’t going to come…” Terry thought. “Unless…” he smiled mischievously, swam away and went out of the lake silently while Candy was trying to clean her dress.

When Terry reached her, he quickly lifted her up in his arms without even asking.

“What?! What are you doing?! Let me down!” Candy shouted angrily while trying to make him leave her.

“In a few seconds!...” Terry smiled and started counting down while carrying her into the lake. “3… 2…1… and…”


“I think I’m having a dejavu!” Terry said when he saw her angry wet face and burst again into laughter.

“Aaaaa! Enough already!” Candy shouted angrily and started splashing water to him with all her strength.

“Hey freckles stop! There wouldn’t be any other way for you to come in…”

“Yes! And that is why you decided to take the control of the situation!” Candy went on splashing more and more water.

“Exactly! It is much easier for you get cleaned now!” Terry replied laughing while trying to protect his face from the water she was splashing to him. “Enough with that Tarzan!”

“It is never enough!” Candy replied laughing.

“Alright then!” he said and started splashing water to her too.

Before they could even understand it they had both burst into laugher while playing in the water like kids.

"This... Is... A lesson... To learn to be... A good girl!" Terry smiled while splashing more and more water to her.

"That is not fair!" Candy shouted laughing. "I wasn't splashing so much water!"

"That is your problem freckles!" Terry teased her grinning.

They went on for a while, when Candy felt like giving up, She turned her back to him and started walking towards the seashore.
However her wet dress didn't help her a lot in walking out...
Terry run behind her, grabbed her arms with his and breathed softly into her ear…

“Running away, are we?”

His voice was so soft that made her feel an unexpected tremble down her spine.

“I was…” she couldn’t say a word.

“You were running away... from me" Terry went on same way.

"You were splashing so much water..."

"Now I'm not... Will you stay?" he stayed behind her having his mouth so close to her ear... to her neck...

Candy felt so dizzy... What had happened? Some seconds ago they were laughing and now he turned to be so serious... and so close! It was the first time he was holding her like that. She was feeling frozen and warm at the same time. Thank God she wasn't looking at him!...

"Are you alright my lady?" Terry asked gently turning her around so that he could see her face.

Candy gasped.

Terry was feeling her sudden nervousness. “She is so beautiful when she looks like that... Candy if you only knew that times like this i feel even more nervous than you do... I swear I do not feel my legs when you look at me like that... How can I tell her how I feel and not be afraid that she'll run away...”

“Why is he looking at me like that? Can't he understand that I tremble when he is looking at me this way?... His arms are so strong... I cannot run away from you Terry... His shoulders seem strong too... He is so handsome without his shirt... Oh my God! What am i thinking!" Candy had almost lowered her look to his arms and her cheeks became red with her thoughts.

Terry noticed the shy look in her eyes. “What are you looking at Candy?...” He was wondering. “Do you like what you 're seeing?... Are you attracted to me as I am to you?”

Some seconds passed this way when suddenly Terry took his hands slowly from her shoulders to her cheeks, trying to clean them from some mud that was still on. His movements were so soft and his look was so tender like he was taking care of a little baby. At that time Candy had frozen for sure. Her heart had started beating faster. Terry's eyes had focused on her silk skin and her blushed cheeks that he loved so much. He went on like that... He moved gently from her cheeks to her forehead. Her nose followed...

"Such a cute nose shouldn't be covered with mud..." he smiled at her and his look went to the only part of her face that he hadn't touched... Her lips. Her fast breath made him gasp. How much he wanted to kiss those lips!

He quickly rose his eyes so that he could look right into hers, when he realized that she was looking at him all this time and her whole body had started shivering.

"Forgive me if I scared you" he hurried to say taking his hands away.

"You didn't" Candy replied quickly with her heart beat faster and faster while her own hands were resting on his chest. This last sensation felt really nice and warm…

“What is happening to me?” she was wondering. “His chest is so warm… I can feel his heart beating fast… And it feels so right…”

Terry was trembling too. Embarrassed as he was, he looked down for a while and noticed her wet, dirty dress.

"Do you trust me?" He asked her taking her hands in his.

"I... I do"

"Then come with me..." he said taking her to the little waterfall. There was a place that the water was falling slowly in the lake from high enough. Terry stand there and Candy followed him.

They stood there for a while feeling the water falling on their skin with their eyes closed. They couldn't hide the smile from their lips. That sense was so nice…

When they opened their eyes their looks met.

"Now I think we're clean enough" Terry smiled at her and caressed her wet hair with his hands.

Candy blushed again. It was like they were having a shower together and that thought made her feel a little shy…

Terry approached her a little more feeling that he couldn't resist her any longer. He placed her hands on his chest again and put his arms around her shoulders.

“Terry don’t torture me any more…” Candy was thinking.

Her heart started beating faster than ever at his movement. Her breath became faster too and her eyes looked down at his lips.
When Terry was close enough he stared at her lips too while her warm, fast breath was caressing his own lips...

“She is not leaving this time... I know she is not...” he was thinking. “Her breath is so fast that drives me crazy... She seems so fragile... I want to kiss her so much... But I do not want to scare her again... And somehow I’m scared too… Will she like it?”

Terry's lips slowly touched hers, but without kissing her… Then he started whispering in a way that he could caress her lips with his...

"Do you like it in here?" he whispered.

Candy could no way answer him! All her senses were focused on the caress of his lips... She was breathless.

"Does it feel nice?" He continued speaking with his lips on hers. “I mean the water…”

"It feels really nice… the water…" Candy whispered on his lips too.

Terry felt for the first time her lips caressing his and that made him shiver.

“Did she just responded?” Terry thought breathless. “I feel like my heart is flying in my chest... Candy... If I kiss you now… Will I be able to stop?”

At that thought, Terry froze for a second. Was he thinking too much? Maybe… But he could no way avoid feeling nervous… Should he go on?

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Απ: The excursion

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Part 3-sequel

But before he could even realize it, Terry had raised his head and stopped the whisper kiss, making a step behind...

Candy was confused enough. What had just happened?

"Freckles if we stay a little more like this you are gonna get a cold! And I am not sure what kind of medicine a tarzan girl would need!" Terry started teasing her like nothing had happened.

"What am I doing?!"he thought "How did I find the strength?! I had her in my arms and... Damn! I am an idiot!"

"What...?" Candy felt like she had lost something, she could not say a word. That might be the real meaning of a scottish shower!

"I am serious freckles... Come! I do not want you to get sick!" Terry continued and started walking towards the seashore.

"I... " Candy was speechless "What kind of game is this? Is he playing with me?" She thought while she was approaching him.

Terry noticed the lost look in her eyes and couldn't help himself from saying something...

"I was scared" his voice seemed like an answer to her thoughts. "...that you'll get a cold..." He continued looking down, while they were both walking side by side.

"Scared?" she repeated looking at him... That made sense... She was quite nervous too... But why was he scared...?

"I don't know what happened to me..." Terry thought. "I felt like I couldn't stop if I started kissing her... like I would scare her again... like... I do not know! I felt things I 've never felt before..."

As they were walking lost in their thoughts, an unexpected sound broke the silence, making them stop...


"What was that?" asked Terry looking around "A thunder?"

"I am afraid that it was..." Candy felt a little emparrassed "...my stomach!"

"You're kidding me?!" Terry started laughing.

"What is so strange?" Candy asked angrily. "I have eat nothing since yesterday!"

"So do I... " He smiled at her. "Lets go eat something and have our clothes dry..."

"Yes... but..."

"I have brought some food and a blanket with me." Terry interrupted her.

"Oh... I have brought some food too..." Candy smiled thinking where she would change.

"So lets go!" Terry smiled and they both walked out the lake...


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Απ: The excursion

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Part 4

When they were already out Candy started wringing her dress out…. At that moment she somehow seemed to be calm although she really wasn’t… On the other hand Terry couldn't even look at her… Just when he hoped that the whole embarrassment between them was gone, he noticed that her dress had glued on her body because of the water, and he blushed like a little child! Thus, he kept walking towards his horse always looking down…

When he was far enough Candy let a smile slip from her lips. She was feeling her heart jumping even though they hadn't shared an ordinary kiss. The truth is that she was so happy for the first time after she left America. There was a shy dreamy smile on her face and millions of thoughts were crossing her mind. "I'm in love... I'm in love... I'm... in love?" It was the first time that she admitted it to herself.

Not much time passed when the sound of his footsteps approaching her distracted her mind.

"You can go change behind some tree. Put this on. It will keep you warm." Terry, who was still a little mysterious, handed out his blanket to her.

"Ok..." Candy was looking questioningly as she was taking the blanket from his hands.

"What?" Terry asked without thinking. "I am not going to peek!"

"I did... not say that..." Candy replied a little lost. "In fact... I hadn't even thought of that! But YOU seem to have!" she teased him taking her little revenge. Thus she started walking towards a tree leaving him speechless!

"Now what?!" Terry thought questioningly. "Will she be the one making such jokes?!"

Candy was still laughing inside when she went behind a tree to change. At the same time Terry was preparing their meal. “When she comes back I ’ll have to act normally… I have to…” he was thinking while his legs were still trembling at the thought of the moment they shared. “That little Tarzan! Always has a way to make my heart fly! What kind of spell am I under?” he was thinking smiling. But Terry knew much better than Candy how in love he was…

“I’m ready!” Her voice came all of a sudden. Terry turned his head and saw Candy covered by his blanket. She looked so cute in it. In fact she would look lovely no matter what she would wear!

“Already?” he asked looking at her. “Please tell me that this keeps you warm. Because your hair is wet and I don’t want you to…”

“I’m… fine…” She replied giving him a big smile.

“He is so kind…” Candy was thinking “he is a real gentleman… when he wants to!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes… It is summer after all! The weather is great… You don’t have to worry… I’ve also laid out my clothes…”

Terry, who wouldn’t notice anything but her, looked behind and saw her clothes on the low branch of a tree.

“…and this is what I should do with your clothes too” she added and started gathering Terry’s clothes from the grass. But then she found some difficulty because her hands were also keeping the blanket on.

“Wait” Terry interrupted her as soon as he noticed that. “I’ll do this.” he said taking his clothes. “It is time for you to rest.”

His voice was so gentle. Candy sat on the grass looking at the numerous foods that were on the tablecloth. She was so hungry!
Terry was soon back sitting next to her.

“Hmmm! It’s delicious!” he said after tasting a meatball.

“Really?” Candy asked while eating a piece of pie. “I made it on my own!” she added smiling, but Terry’s face quickly took a strange expression.

“Oh my God!” he said. “Why didn’t you tell it to me earlier? I haven’t taken any pills for poisoning with me!” he teased her with a serious look.


“Calm freckles! I was kidding!” said Terry grinning. “In fact it is really tasty! I didn’t know that you and cooking were getting along together…”

“Well…” Candy started while drinking some wine “…sometimes we are…”

“Hmmm… I’ll be a really lucky man, if I have a girl like you by me then!” he said and Candy’s cheeks started burning.

“Well…” Terry continued since Candy stayed silent. “… If you don’t want to marry me there is always Eliza!”

“What?! Eliza?!” Candy asked annoyingly.

“Oh my God! I can’t believe how jealous you are!” Terry laughed when he saw Candy’s reaction.

“I… I AM NOT!” Candy shouted angrily. “Eliza is the last person I would be jealous of!” she continued drinking all the cup of wine at once.

“And the last person I would get married with!” he added, closing his eye to her.

“Thank God…” Candy murmured unconsciously.

Terry’s eyes opened wide and he burst into laughter! He loved so much her innocent mistakes. He loved anything about her…

“I see you can’t hide your feelings anymore Tarzan!” he said laughing with all his heart.

“I think I can…” Candy moved on without much thinking and tried to put some more wine in her glass.

“Alright! You’d better stop drinking wine Freckles! I don’t think you can handle this!” Terry laughed taking the bottle away from her.

“Oh come on!” Candy said and suddenly she started having a hiccup, which made them both burst into laughter!

Time passed this way. They were eating and teasing each other at the same time. The embarrassment that they felt for a while was long gone. Their laughs were so loud. They certainly had the most enjoyable time of their life! Their clothes also dried fast as the sun was burning above their happy faces.

“Oh my God!” said Candy when the meal had finished. “I think I don’t need to eat for the rest of the week!” she kept on and lied down on the grass, caressing her stomach.

“So do I!” Terry agreed smiling and lied down next to her, while silence was spreading all around.

“Candy…” Terry started whispering.

“Yes?...” Candy turned her face to him.

Terry really wanted to tell her so many things… He wanted to apologize for his behavior in the lake… He also wanted to tell her that he feels so nice when they are together… But these words would difficult come out his mouth…

“I wanted to tell you… I wanted to ask you… if you remember the day of the May Festival…”

“Of course I do!”

“Then you’ll also remember what you had asked me when we were on the hill…”

“Y…y…yes…” Candy answered “I think I asked you that one day we would go on a picnic… and…”

“Yes.” Terry interrupted her. “And here we are…, but…”

“But… what?” Candy asked him curiously.

“But you didn’t tell me if… if you’re enjoying it…” he answered complainingly.

“Oh you silly! Do I seem not to?” asked Candy smiling. “It is the most enjoyable picnic I’ve ever had!”

“Really?” asked Terry looking at her disbelievingly.


“So… what about going on it?” Terry asked showing her the forest that was spreading behind the lake.

“Wh.. what do you mean?...”

“It seems mysterious doesn’t it?” Terry went on. “I like so much that place but I’ve never been in this forest… What about exploring it?”

“The first is the winner!” Candy shouted rising up.

“Hey freckles! Wait!”


“I hope you aren’t going on dangerous missions with the blanket!” Terry chuckled her, while he was rising up. Candy couldn’t help herself from blushing.

“Alright… I’ll be ready in a while!” she replied as she was going to change.

In a few minutes, both Candy and Terry were in their dry and quite clean clothes, gathering their things and putting them in their basket. Terry kept some necessary things in a bag that he would carry along. When they had finished, he tied the basket on Theodore’s saddle and looked at Candy in a strange way.

“Ready?” he asked.

“Ready!” Candy replied and they both started running towards the forest!


At the same time in the summer school…

“I said I don’t know!” Annie responded again to Archie’s questions.

“But you were with her in the morning!” Archie insisted.

“Yes, but she didn’t tell me anything!”

“And what if something happens to her? She is absent from the morning and now is evening!”

“Archie, I think you shouldn’t be so anxious about Candy…” Patty interrupted him. “She is old enough to go for a walk… She can take care of herself…” Patty continued trying to help Annie to veil the truth.

“Personally I’m with you “ Stear said to Patty. “But if she doesn’t return early, she is going to be in troubles with the nuns… Rules are rules…”

“I hope she’ll have it into her account!” Archie said angrily.

Patty looked at Annie with a questioning look. But Annie moved her head negatively, as she wanted to say: “No. Candy doesn’t estimate the rules… Neither Terry…”


"Hey freckles! Take care where you step!" Terry told Candy as they were crossing the mysterious forest. "I don't want you to fall in any other muddy hole again!" he went on grinning.

"I'll be careful!" Candy replied, looking curiously around her. But, as she was walking away exploring the place, she didn't notice a piece of branch and fell over it. Fortunately Terry grabbed her just on time.

"You must be MORE careful freckles!" he smiled.

"Thank you!" Candy said and started holding his arm so as to avoid any other accidents. "It's so dark here she added frighteningly.

"The trees are so tall and overgrown, that the rays of sun can't easily reach the ground" Terry explained.

"Hmmm..."Candy murmured with interest. "But it's not such a frightful place, is it?" she tried to add when suddenly a big mouse appeared in front of her!

"AAA!!!" Candy started screaming loudly and got into Terry's armful.

"Imagine what would have happened, if you had found this place frightful!" Terry teased her.

"What was this?" Candy asked, going on holding him tight.

"A really cute rat!" Terry smiled making Candy hug him tighter. "It is ok freckles, it has left" he moved on.

Candy removed hesitantly from Terry's hug and took a sigh of relief. "You hadn't told me that there were rats in this forest!" she shouted angrily.

"You know freckles, in forests there are many kind of animals. You should have expected that!"

"But ...rats?!" she continued annoyingly.

"What's wrong with the rats? Do not tell me that you are afraid of them!" Terry started teasing her.

"I just... don't like them!" Candy lied.

"Really?" Terry asked smiling disbelievingly. "So you are not afraid of them?"

"By no means!" said Candy proudly.

And then...


"MAKE IT LEAVE! MAKE IT LEAVE!" Candy started screaming at Terry's words and fell into his hug again!

"I could never imagine that your fear for rats could be so useful to me!" said Terry grinning in a teasing tone.

"YOU?!" screamed Candy, pulling him abruptly back. "I can't believe you did this again!"

"Oh come on! I just wanted to check how brave you are!" Terry said smiling.

"Wh... What?!' Candy was really angry.

But then a sudden sound distracted their attention...


"Please tell me it was your stomach again..." Terry said looking frighteningly around.

"No..." Candy said stepping back scared. "This time, it is a thunder..." she added as the blue sky was being covered with dark clouds and the rain was starting to fall...

"I think it's time to go... It's getting dark..." Terry whispered and turned back to see the way back to the lake.

However the only thing he managed to see was trees surrounded by fog and darkness.

"Oh God... How can it be possible?!" Terry couldn't believe his eyes...

Candy understood what he meant...

They were lost...


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Απ: The excursion

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Part 5

“Hasn’t she come back???”

“No Patty…” Annie answered without being able to cover her anxiety.

“But, I thought she had told you that she’d come back early…”

“Y…y…yes, but… I don’t know. Outside it’s really cold and dark and if something happens, I’ll be responsible… I won’t forgive myself… I should never…”

“Annie! Calm! Please… I’m sure she is ok…” said Patty and hugged her anxious friend with affection trying to comfort her.

Patty knew that she had to be strong enough even if she was anxious too… Deep inside her she could feel that Terry could protect her friend, if something went wrong… But she really didn’t want to think like that…


At the same time deep inside a forest things seemed to be a little worse… The heavy rain was the only thing that someone could hear. It was like the sky had widely opened, turning the peaceful, sunny atmosphere into a dark, wild, forgotten place…

“Terry… we are walking about an hour… Are you sure we are going the right way?” Candy’s voice made him suffer a little more.

Terry was feeling guilty for everything… He sure didn’t know the way back, he just wanted to a find a shelter away of those trees, which could be proved dangerous in such an occasion… Terry’s voice couldn’t really come out. The only thing he wanted was to protect her, but at that moment he seemed so small in this wild burst of nature that he couldn’t avoid being angry with himself… Their clothes seemed to be even wetter than when they were in the lake… Both of them were tired… Their little picnic seemed to have been ruined and everything he had imagined was far gone…

“Terry I’m talking to you!” Candy insisted a little angrily this time. She was feeling really exhausted and the sound of the rain was making her head ache…

“Do you have to?” Terry’s abrupt voice made her freeze. He had stopped walking and was looking right into her eyes with a look that she couldn’t understand.

Terry felt again like an idiot. What was he doing? He didn’t want to speak like that… Was it the rain or had she tears in her eyes?

Candy, disappointed as she was by his reaction, started walking, almost running ahead.

“Forgive me… Please…” Terry was apologizing as he was following her. “ I do not know the way back... It is too foggy... I’m trying to find a shelter or something… I don’t think we can win anything by not walking… Can you please stop running?” he was saying as he was running after her but she wouldn’t listen.

Terry started running faster. The thick veil of fog was making him afraid that he may loose her… He had to catch her immediately.

“What do you think you are doing!” he started shouting when he finally grabbed her arm. “Do you want me to lose you from my sight?? Would this help somehow? What are you thinking?!” Terry was mad at her.

“Leave me!” Candy was shouting. “I can’t even talk to you when you’re upset! You know you are not the only one who’s tired here! I don’t feel good either!”

“I know! And this is what is killing me!” Terry continued holding her tight. “This is why I’m nervous! I only wanted this to be perfect and it’s not! I planned all this! Can’t you understand?”

“Arguing with me won’t help though!” Candy insisted. “My head is numb! I can’t stand the rain any more…” she was so tired of yelling...

“I said I’m sorry…” Terry hugged her “Forgive me… Please… Running away won’t help either… We have to stay united…” he whispered to her ear, as she was letting herself into his armful.

Terry could feel how exhausted she was. It was the first time she would hug him so tight. They were both tired by walking... The rain was getting heavier while some thunders would light the dark sky. Their shoes had been covered with mud and their wet clothes could no longer protect them…

As Terry was holding her in his arms he unconsciously turned his head to the left and realized that some meters away there was something like a rock with less trees around. During the last hours, the only thing he was seeing was trees! Maybe there was something there… Maybe it was the end of that endless forest… Or the beginning? It didn’t matter. They had to go and see.

“Candy… There is a place… Candy?” she could barely listen to his voice calling her. Candy was feeling all her powers to abandon her while she couldn’t help herself from shivering...

Terry froze when he realized that she was trembling… He quickly touched her forehead. Candy was burning with fever… Without much thought he lifted her up in his arms and started running as fast as he could…


“Annie! Annie! I have good news!”

“What’s going on Patty? Did she come back?” Annie asked anxiously Patty who was running panted at her.

“N…no… They aren’t so good news…” replied Patty disappointed.

“So… What???”

“Sister Grey won’t check the rooms tonight! She’ll go to the church to attend the vigil and pray! So, she will not notice that Candy isn’t here and tomorrow we can go look for her.”

“But we don’t know where she might be…” Annie said disappointed.

“No problem!” Patty smiled. “I talked with Muk -you know, the cooker’s son, who is also friend with Terry, and…”

“What?!” Annie asked with impatience.

“He told me not to be anxious about them, since he knows where Terry wanted to go with Candy and he’ll go look for them tomorrow”, explained Patty.

“TOMORROW?!? We’ll let them stay out all night with this heavy rain?”

“Well, he says that Candy is in good hands, as Terry will find a way to protect her from the rain…”

“I hope so…” whispered Annie and walked towards the window. “I hope… so”


“At such a time this is quite good…” Terry thought when he noticed a hollow between the rocks.

Soon they were safe from the rain. Terry let Candy slowly on a safe corner and quickly kneeled next to her…

“Thank you…” she murmured opening her eyes. “Where are we?…”

“We are safe. How do you feel?” Terry asked anxiously, holding her hand.

“It’s cold…” Candy managed to say with a shaking voice while trying to rise.

“Do not rise...” he interrupted her while millions of thoughts were crossing his mind.

“I have to warm her…” he thought and started taking off her muddy boots.


“Be quiet , little one!” he joked. “We’ve got work here…” he moved on and started rubbing her feet with his hands. “Your poor feet have frozen…”

His reaction made her smile a little no matter how ill she was. How different he was at that moment than before. How caring and protective he could be…

Terry went on like this for a while. Then he took her hands in his and brought them close to his mouth so that he could warm them with his breath...

Candy was speechless watching him. She couldn't remember the last time she had felt so much love... Terry's breath had warm not only her hands but her soul as well... It was so sad that her body couldn't obey... She wouldn't stop shivering...

"My love..." he was thinking "What else can I do..."

Terry stopped for a while and started looking around for their bag. When he found where he had thrown it he quickly stood up to open it. He took a sigh of relief when he realized that his blanket wasn’t wet.

“Well…” Terry started “I think that you’ll have to take off your clothes once again… This blanket seems to love you…” he added blushing a little. “I’ll go out…”

“No way” Candy interrupted him. “You do not go out there”

Terry, who wouldn’t wait such an answer, was quite surprised. “But I’ll also have to bring some wood to light a fire…”

“Wood? You mean wet wood…”

“Alright I have to try…”

“Do not go.... Don't leave me…” Candy would never let him go out. The heavy rain and the sound of the lightnings were making her scared. She wouldn’t stand the idea of something happening to him.

“How could I leave when she is asking me like that…” Terry thought.

“It seems you can’t stay a minute without me” he teased her “But I’ll have to go out, at least later, to look for…”

“You said that we have to stay together, didn’t you?” Candy interrupted him.

“Oh my God, freckles! You do not forget anything, do you?” he smiled and turned around his face to let her change.

Candy was feeling strange enough to change in the same place with him, but her cold, wet clothes were making her suffer.

“Terry?” she started with a shaking voice.


“Can you please help me with the buttons?”

Terry smiled and approached her… Of course he could… at least he thought so…
The first button wasn’t that difficult for him to open… But as Candy’s back was slowly being uncovered, his fingers would start trembling in a way he could never imagine… Every little button seemed to play with him… He could swear that the final button would never open… As he was moving on, Candy could feel his shaking breath caressing her spine. Despite the cold, she didn’t want him to finish soon…

When he was finally done he quickly walked towards the opening of that little cave to take some fresh air…

Candy took off her dress and her underwear and hurried to cover her body with the blanket. She could feel much better in it... Terry took out his shirt too and sat next to her.

Silence followed… Terry couldn’t take his eyes off of her, not only because he loved her but also because he was anxious… He wanted to watch her every move…

Candy , who was still freezing, slowly lay down and closed her eyes. She had no power. Her hair was wet and she was still feeling her head aching heavily while her body was still shivering.

He couldn’t stand it anymore. He felt so responsible for everything. If anything happened to her… No. he could no way stand the idea. He felt so immature at that moment. He scheduled all this… How headless of him to suggest to explore this forest… At that moment, Terry could understand… He could fully comprehend his responsibilities…

“I promise…” he thought “I’ll get you out of this… I’ll protect you… I always will…” and he slowly rose up, so that she wouldn’t understand and disappeared in the rain. He had to rush…


Not much time had passed when Candy opened her eyes… There was a figure standing in front of her… It was him. He was holding some pieces of wood. The drops of the rain were crossing his half naked body… The handsome man stayed silent, touched the wood on the ground and started cleaning thoroughly an area from the dried leaves and twigs, while gathering them in a corner. Then he started breaking every piece of wood and piling it in different piles due to its thickness. Terry seemed to know well what he was doing. In the center of the cleaned area he piled the leaves and the twigs. When he was done, he started placing carefully around them each single piece of wood in a way that he would finally form a cone.

Candy was lost watching his every move. She even forgot to complain because he had left to bring wood. It seemed like she had focused on him… Even her fever wouldn’t let her miss how charming and mysterious he was as he was lighting the fire…

When Terry had finish, he rose up to take from his bag a box of matches. He would still carry one even if he had quit smoking.

His look met hers. She was there, covered with his blanket, still shivering but always looking at him. She seemed so fragile… Terry would do anything for her. His heart was suffering every time he was seeing her trembling…

“It will not take much…” he started speaking as he was lighting the leaves. Soon enough a little fire had been lighted in front of them.

“But how…?” Candy asked.

“It’s the way the wood has been set which is working even if it is wet” he explained.

“You seem to know how to light a fire” she whispered and Terry raised his look to her. Candy blushed when she realized what she had just said. Her words seemed to mean so much more. And that was the truth. Terry had for sure lighted a fire to her heart… a fire that would warm her and give her power. Even if her body seemed to give up, her heart was so full of warm emotions, thanks to him.

“You too freckles” Terry thought smiling as he was taking care of the fire.

“Well…” he said “Now it is your turn…” he rose up, took his thrown shirt and ripped a little piece of it.

“Why did you do this?” Candy complained “It was so nice…”

“Nice but useless” Terry added “The most of the day I couldn’t wear it…” he smiled and approached her.


“Sssh” Terry kneeled next to her. “Lie down” he whispered and slowly let the wet piece of cloth on her forehead.

“I…” Candy didn’t really want to lie but when she tried to come to a seated position she found herself in his hug.

Their faces were so close… Terry slowly caressed her cheek with his hand…

“I’ll be right here…” he whispered slowly.

However neither she would lie down nor he would stand up. They just wanted to stay this way… In the arms of one another… So they did, until Terry found the strength to rise up...

Candy took a sigh… So many emotions had overwhelmed her once again… Every time they were close she was feeling an attraction she had never known before… As she was lying she turned her head to him. Terry could feel her eyes observing him as he was sitting by the fire…

The rain outside was still heavy but that didn’t matter anymore. The fire was so vivid. The atmosphere had turned from a cold, forgotten place to a secure, warm place full of love and caring. Candy suddenly felt her eyebrows heavier and slowly closed her eyes… She wasn’t shivering anymore… Before she had even realized it, she had fallen asleep…

It was the first time for him to seeing her sleeping… She was so sweet… Like a little baby who needed care… He loved watching her sleeping so much… Every two minutes he would change the piece of cloth from her forehead and check her fever… Sometimes she may open her eyes to find him sitting next to her… Then she would close them again, feeling secure, while offering him a sweet sleepy smile...

He many times found himself praying for her, while she was sleeping… Terry never used to pray but at that moment it seemed like it was coming right from his heart…

“Terry…” she once called his name. His eyes opened widely.

Was she calling him in her sleep? Was it the first time? He so much wanted to know…

He slowly leaned to kiss her forehead, when he realized that her fever was low enough… At that moment Terry felt like the happiest man in the world…

“That’s my girl!…” he whispered as some tears appeared in his eyes.

Her low fever seemed like an answer to his prayers… Candy was for sure the woman of his life... He once again swore to never leave her… There was a change in him… Terry was feeling more like a man than a boy… A man who just wanted to be always able to protect his only love.

Some hours passed… Terry was so focused on her that he didn’t realized that the fire was about to extinguish… The lack of light made him come back to the reality. He needed more dry leaves but he hadn’t. He shouldn’t let the fire extinguish. The night was still long… He couldn’t stand the idea of her waking up shivering again…

At that moment his look fell on his thrown bag… He quickly opened it and took out a book that he had taken along. It was one of his favorite… Without much thinking he started ripping every single page and threw it to the fire… It really didn’t matter to him… What was mostly important was to keep her warm… The pages were giving life to the fire… His notes were burning along with every single page… Acting used to be his passion… But it seemed like he had found something to seduce him more…

When he had finished he placed some pieces of wood same way as before to ensure that the fire wouldn’t extinguish…

Then he slowly approached her and lay right next to her.

“Terry…?” Candy opened her eyes.

“Here I am…” he whispered.

Candy closed her eyes again and got slowly into his hug. She put her head on his arm as if it was a pillow and rested her hands on his chest… His body seemed to warm her more than the fire… And so did hers…

Terry felt his heart overwhelmed with love and joy… She was sleeping in his hug… If that was a dream then he didn’t want to wake up… He covered her naked arms with the blanket and held her close, the closer he could, as they were falling asleep in the arms of one another…


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Απ: The excursion

Δημοσίευση από marilou Την / Το Τετ Αυγ 22, 2012 2:23 pm

Part 6

The fire had already been extinguished when the first sun rays touched the ground. The sky was clear but still quite dark as the sun hadn’t fully appeared.

Candy’s eyes slowly opened. The first thing she saw was the naked strong arms that surrounded her. Her heart started beating a little faster. It was the first morning for her to wake up in a man’s hug. She couldn’t see his face. He was holding her so close that her breath could caress his chest.

“Terry?” she whispered but without receiving any answer. His calm breath was the only thing she could listen. The rain had stopped…

Candy turned slowly to look at him. There he was sleeping peacefully. How beautiful he was… He seemed for the first time defenceless. His hair, his closed eyes, everything on him was different. Candy was hypnotized staring at him. His face was so calm… She couldn’t tell if there was a man lying beside her or a child. He was like a little angel…

Candy couldn’t help her eyes from looking at his naked body. No, there was no child lying next to her... There was only a handsome man. A man who didn’t have to be awake to seduce her. Her look travelled from his neck to his strong shoulders and from his shoulders to his muscled arms... His chest followed… Then she looked back at his face. He was so masculine… She slowly started caressing his hair.

“Terry I…” she whispered leaving a sigh.

Terry’s breath became a little more intense at her voice as he slowly started moving. Candy without much thought closed her eyes and acted like she was sleeping.

After some seconds, Terry slowly opened his eyes… He stood there for a while staring at her. His heart was filled with joy as he couldn’t hide the smile from his lips.

Candy was so nervous inside although she seemed to sleep.

“What is he looking at? What is he thinking?”

Then he approached her a little more. His mouth was so close to her ear. His breath was caressing her neck making her tremble.

Slowly Terry started whispering to her ear.

“You little Tarzan had better open your beautiful eyes because I know you are not sleeping.”

Candy, surprised as she was, opened her eyes looking directly into his.

"But h..."

"Sssh" he interrupted her slowly touching her lips with his finger.

Silence followed. They were both there, still hugged in a way they had never been before. His eyes were so focused on hers. Candy could even listen to the beatings of her heart. Or wasn't it hers? She couldn't really tell, but neither could he. Their heartbeats were perfectly combined in one. Their bodies also seemed like one under the blanket.

"Candy... what are you thinking now?" Terry was wondering. "I was holding you for the whole night in my arms and now... You are lying silently by me... What are you thinking?"

"This look... Every time he is looking me like this I feel so defenceless... I feel like my feelings are bare in front of him..." Candy froze for a second "Bare..." Some little detail seemed to have brought her abruptly back to the reality.

" Oh my God!" she yelled as she was moving away from Terry. Her hands were keeping tightly the blanket trying to cover even her arms.

"Ηey, what's wrong?"

"Where are my clothes?!"

"Over there... What happened?" Terry was quite confused. Did she forget that she was naked?

"I... We... were both... under... the..."


"Blanket! We were both under the blanket!" Candy was quite embarrassed. They slept almost naked and they were so close that they seem to share the blanket which was the only thing covering her body!

"No we were not! At least not much..." Terry was quite dizzy. He knew that a piece of the blanket was on him but that was just because they slept so close!

"My legs were between yours!" Candy hurried to say.

"You put them like this!"

"Why would I do such a thing?!" Her cheeks were burning at the idea. Did she do more such things in her sleep?

"Maybe because you wanted to heat them?!"

"And how come we were so close?"

"You came into my arms freckles! " Terry could with difficulty keep himself from laughing.


"Well... It seemed that you couldn't resist, so..."

"So you opened your arms widely!" Candy yelled annoyingly.

"Of course!"

"Oh my God Terry!"

"May I ask why you are acting like a baby?"

"I think that... we've crossed some borders..." Candy finally said in a serious way that surprised even herself.

"Borders..." Terry repeated smiling... "Though it's sad, I am pretty sure that we haven't crossed any... However there are some things you cannot control and I can see that these kind of things frighten you. But what frightens us is not always bad... Now my sweet freckles you can get the little Sister Gray that is hiding in you back to sleep!"

"Terry I'm serious!!!"

"Well, let me think... You were ill and I did my best to warm you, well may not my best BEST but..."


"Anyway, I did my best, for the existing circumstances... I behaved as a gentleman! On the other hand when you woke up, I can say that you were secretly staring at me and you were also caressing my hair... You know ladies should not do such things either... But at that moment you didn't give a... You did not care at all anyway! Same was, when you got into my arms in the night! And I am pretty sure that you enjoyed the way we were! But a lady should never admit it... Am i right?"

"TERRY!!! Please!" Candy was quite embarrassed, not because of his words, but because he was right. Why was she acting like that?

"Freckles, take a break... We did nothing wrong..."

"Ok... ok..." she tried to calm herself.

"Now if you don't matter you can return in my arms" he started again teasing her like nothing had happened.


"Come on Freckles!"

Candy sat down a little away from him. She still was embarrassed...

"Candy..." Terry thought as he was watching her. "Yesterday you were completely surrendered... Maybe the fever was the reason... But maybe you also felt like it... Now you act like it was not you... And damn I'm almost enjoying it! The way your cheeks have blushed, even the way you insist on holding so tightly this blanket! This blanket... "

The memory soon came alive in his mind... For the whole night he was watching her. He didn't want to loose a thing... He wanted to protect her... However she seemed not to really need it. In his arms she seemed so convenient like she was on her bed! He was looking at her trying to understand if she needed something when she suddenly pulled a little the blanket off of her... He cannot forget the way he gasped. He hurried to cover her and held her closer to assure that this would not happen again...

Recalling the memory, he also recalled the time she whispered his name, not only in her sleep but also when she woke up. She didn't really sound shy. He could swear that she was looking at him the same way he was looking at her when she was sleeping. Terry moved his head to look at her. She was still at the same position.

"Candy" he finally said "Are you feeling good?"

Candy turned to look at him "Yyyes I'm fine" she whispered.

"I haven't checked your fever for a while. You don't tremble, are you?"

"i feel my skin a little cold but..."

"That's because you went to sit over there" he teased her smiling "Anyway, I was thinking that the way you wear the blanket is like you wear a toga... Just like a greek goddess or like a fairy... I can't really say but it suits you well."

Candy couldn't help herself from laughing. "I suppose that you're kidding me again!"

"No, I don't! Have you ever read Greek tragedy?"

"No, but I would like to" Candy smiled as she was started feeling a little more comfortable.

"My father has a house by the river Avon with a huge library full of books. There are many pieces of greek tragedy and countless Shakespeare's plays. You may one day come and read as many as you want!"

"By the river Avon? I've seen so many pictures of this place... It seems like coming from a fairytale..."

"You may be the fairy of this fairytale if you want" Terry smiled. "This is the nice thing with theatre! Hmmm... Let's see... you maybe Shakespeare's Ariel! What do you think?"


"Ariel was a fairy..." Terry started talking about Ariel's story to Candy as she was watching him speechless. He also told her of Avon river and how beautiful it is when it snows...

"So" he finally said "Will you come with me in Christmas?"

"I..." Candy hesitated but could no way refuse "I'd be glad to! But promise me that you'll read me this story..."

"Deal" Terry smiled.

"Terry" Candy said looking at him "Thank you for yesterday... I wasn't feeling good at all... As for before, I'm really sor..."

"What matters is that now you are fine..." He interrupted her rising up and reached for his clothes.

Candy was trying to keep her eyes off of him as he was getting dressed.

"Your clothes have dried too. If you want to put them on I'll be waiting outside" Terry smiled to her when he was done.

"Ok!" she quickly replied.

Terry walked outside but he stood speechless at the view that was right in front of him. There was a fantastic rainbow crossing the sky. It was magical... There were still some raindrops on the tree's leaves, which would reflect the sunlight making the scenery even brighter. He stood there for a couple of minutes to enjoy the view...

"Freckles!" he called her. "When you 're done come out! The day is great and there is also a..."

"I think I'll need your help once again..." her voice interrupted him. "Oh look! There's a rainbow!"

When he turned around he saw her there wearing her dress, which was unbuttoned. He quickly understood what kind of help she needed. Terry took a deep breath and walked behind her.

"Isn't it wonderful?" Candy asked ecstatic as Terry was reaching for the first button.

"Yes it is..." his hands started trembling once again. This time, the first button was the most difficult... It was really low. Her bare skin was attracting his eyes. The daylight let him notice once again how beautiful she was... He tried with difficulty to stay focused... The second button wasn't easier either.

His moves were sending shivers down her spine. Her eyes had opened widely, but they weren't really seeing anything- neither the rainbow that was still there. All her senses had focused on his touch. She couldn't control the shakes that were crossing her body.

Her reaction didn't leave him indifferent. He gasped. The third button was even more difficult...

What was happening to her? She was feeling a sweet tickle all over her body...

"Are you alright?" Terry decided to ask when he moved to the fourth button.

"Yyyes" she replied.

"But you are shivering..."

"Your hands... are cold..." Candy replied with difficulty when he reached for the fifth button.

"Are they?" Terry asked and dared to move his one finger from the last button to her neck, caressing slightly her naked back and sending a strong shiver down her spine.

"III I can move on myself..." Candy stood breathless at his unexpected move and hurried to reach for the buttons.

However, Terry took her hands in his and placed his arms around her, hugging her from behind...


"What? Am I crossing those borders?" he whispered bringing his face close to her neck.
"You have no fever but you are still shivering... Why?"

Candy was taking deep breaths but couldn't answer to his question.

"Why?" Terry touched her chin with his one hand turning her face to him.

"Y you're shivering too..." Candy finally replied trying to keep her eyes away from him.

"Look at me." he said making her raise her look. "That's because I want to kiss you..." His honest answer made her heart beat faster.

Terry slowly raised her face with his hand a little more. Their eyes met for a moment. But soon her look turned to his lips. Those lips were the last thing she saw just before her eyelashes close. Terry could no longer resist. He slowly approached her more when their lips met in a smooth touch.

Her head rested on his chest as he slowly started giving little kisses to her lips. Every now and then he would make little pauses as he patiently was waiting her to respond and follow his moves.

Her heart was jumping in her chest. She didn't understand when, but she found herself kissing his lips back, giving him the response he was so long waiting for. He slowly turned her around without leaving her lips and held her the closest he could. No more pauses occurred.

All their senses had focused on that kiss. Candy was completely succumbed to him. His lips were playing games with hers in a way she could never imagine. Smoothly his tongue started caressing her lips too. Candy followed him instinctively. Her heartbeats got faster when her tongue mistakenly touched his... So many unknown emotions were overwhelming her heart...

After some seconds Terry took his lips off of hers. She had still her eyes closed when she heard his voice...

"How do you feel?"

"Strangely..." she replied a little lost.

"Strangely means...?"

"Nice..." she said almost enchanted. She still couldn't believe that this new sensation would feel so good.

Terry smiled. His heart was still jumping in his chest. Her lips were so sweet. It was like he had just tasted the sweetest wine. It wasn't necessary for him to drink much, he was already feeling dizzy... She had kissed him back... She loved him as much as he did... Could it get any better?

Candy was lost in his eyes. Not really sure if she wanted to speak or not. Her cheeks were always blushed...

"Are you shy?" he finally asked her.

"Nnno..." Candy lowered unconsciously her look to his lips.

"Do you want to kiss me freckles?" Terry asked her in a teasing tone.

"Maybe..." she replied honestly looking right into his eyes.

His look was so intense at her answer. A smile appeared soon on his lips. He slowly approached her and locked his mouth on hers starting a different, deeper kiss. Candy held him tighter... As their breaths were getting faster, all of their borders seemed to fall.

All this unexpected burst of passion had left no place for thoughts. They loved so much tasting each other that they didn't even notice two curious eyes which were watching them...


"Terry..." Candy murmured between two kisses.


"I think we are not alone..."


"I hear footsteps!" she insisted, but to no end. Terry didn't want to end that kiss.



"Come on freckles there is only you and I..." he finally said.

"And Theodore!" Candy yelled as she saw Terry's horse walking towards them.

"Theodore?!" Terry was quite surprised. "She would never have found us on her own..." he was looking all around but there was no one else.

"Are you ok Theodore? Oh... you must be afraid..." Candy approached the horse and caressed it.

"She is a strong girl. Do not worry." Terry said approaching the horse "A strong girl with no manners..." he whispered as Theodore had just interrupted something really good!...

"So now we can leave!" Candy realized.

"No manners at all...." Terry continued murmuring.


"Nothing... Ehh there is just no need to hurry" he explained blushing.

"Oh.. Of course..." Candy answered "What were we saying?"

"Actually we were not speaking." he replied and brought her closer, taking once again her breath away with a kiss!...

So the next minutes passed this way... Kissing, resting on the grass and teasing each other as usually... There was no embarrassment in the air and time seemed to run fast... at least until Terry started buttoning the rest of the buttons… He still needed practice!...

Finally, after a lot of joyful moments, they gathered their things and jumped on Theodore's back. It was time to leave...

"Are we ready?" Terry asked.

"Y... No!" Candy yelled when she saw three familiar faces to appear on the horizon and ran with their horses towards them.

"It's Annie, Patty and Muk!!!" Candy shouted happily.

"Perfect....." Terry whispered leaving Candy to jump off the horse.

Candy started running towards her friends and so did they.

"CANDY! CANDY! " Annie and Patty shouted and jumped off their horses to hug their friend. "Oh Candy I was so anxious about you! "Annie shouted almost crying.

"Calm Annie! I'm ok!" Candy tried to comfort her friend. "But how did you find us ?"

"We first went to the lake... Oh what a romantic place!" Patty started explaining "There we found Theodore. Then Muk took Theodore and started looking for you in the forest... When he got back and said that he had found you it was a great relief! Oh Candy!" Patty hugged her confused friend.

"Muk... So you found us?" Candy asked a little confused.

"Yes I did!" Muk jumped off his horse.

"But what happened Candy?" asked Annie curiously.

"It's a very big story Annie!" Candy answered a bit shyly.

"And really personal!" Muk added grinning in a suspicious way.

"A... well..." Candy tried to change the subject. "Wh... what happened with sister Gray? Is she very angry?"

"She doesn't know anything, Candy!" Annie said happily. "She didn't check the rooms yesterday!"

"Oh really?! Wonderfully!" Candy clapped happily.

"Yes!" Muk smiled "Fortunately she knows neither for the "date", nor for the hair-raising details!!"

"Gooh Gooh!" Candy coughed trying to escape, but Muk did not stop...

"To say nothing about..."

"Stop Muk!!!" Candy interrupted him. "You said many things today! Enough!"

"I think that this conversation isn't advantageous for somebody, huh?" asked Muk walking around her in a suspicious way!

"Muk there is no time for talking we're in hurry now!!! So... I have to go! I'll see you at the school girls! Bye!" Candy answered smiling and started running towards Terry, while everybody was looking at her surprised!

"Won't she come along?" Patty asked confused.

"She'll go with Terry, Patty. It's alright..." Annie answered smiling.

"If I were you I would pray that Sister Gray would not check the rooms either tonight..." Muk said in a mocking tone.


"Neeever mind " he said smiling indifferently and jumped on his horse!


"What's so funny?" Candy asked Terry when she got back and noticed that he was smiling.

"I heard the conversation you had with Muk!" Terry explained while helping Candy get on the horse.

"Of course you did! He was almost yelling!"

"You had blushed!" Terry went on grinning.

"It's normal! He knows how to drive the others into a corner!"

"He is funny!" Terry smiled and made Theodore start running. "So... where are we going?"

"What do you mean? I have to get back to school!"

" Have you?" Terry asked in a teasing tone.

"YES!" She quickly replied, although she wanted so much to do otherwise.

"Then come for lunch..." he insisted.


"Maybe for dessert?"

"We'll see..." Candy finally said smiling.

"It's done!" Terry replied giving her a quick kiss on her cheek as a confirmation of their deal.

"You have always your way haven't you?"

"That's love freckles..." he whispered in her ear.

Candy's heart was beating fast... That's love. She knew it well. They both did. Candy held him tight and rested her head on his chest.

They knew that many things had changed after their little trip... Theodore was running fast as their moments were turning into sweet memories. Those memories were coming alive in their hearts, while the wind was blowing on their happy faces. The picnic was over but the real excursion was just beginning...

The end

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